I thank all who’ve endorsed me for re-election to the Long Beach Board of Education.

Media & Organizations

Picture of Long Beach Register

Long Beach Register

Editorial Board Chooses...John McGinnis

McGinnis was a 40-year education veteran, serving the community as a teacher, librarian and college dean…he has proven himself an intuitive and responsible board member…McGinnis has proven he is willing to push what’s best for the district, students and teachers, even in the face of opposition. Looking forward, he shared many practical solutions in areas he sees the district can improve, and communicated a penchant for reform.

Picture of Press-Telegram


Local News from the Greater Long Beach Area

McGinnis, the school board president and a former teacher, is clearly qualified and ready to continue leading the district. He has done a lot right to improve the success of the worst-performing students and helped move forward the conversation on school discipline…McGinnis’ track record and time on the board worked in his favor.

Picture of Association of Long Beach Educational Managers (ALBEM)

Association of Long Beach Educational Managers (ALBEM)

Representing Principals, Vice Principals, District Administrators & Confidential Employees in the Long Beach Unified School District

Education Leaders

Picture of Chris Steinhauser

Chris Steinhauser


Long Beach Unified School District

Picture of Delaine Eastin

Delaine Eastin

Former State Superintendent of Public Instruction and Chair of the Assembly Education Committee

State of California

John McGinnis is the right choice for this important job. He’s not only a brilliant educator and Board President but he has experience, vision, heart and a brass backbone. John has my full support for re-election.

Picture of Diana Craighead

Diana Craighead

Vice President, Board of Education

Long Beach Unified School District

John works collaboratively with everyone. He’s diplomatic, thoughtful and committed. Students, parents and teachers will benefit from John’s re-election. I whole-heartedly support his continued leadership on our School Board!

Picture of Jon Meyer

Jon Meyer

Member, Board of Education

Long Beach Unified School District

John’s leadership on the Board is a bright example of public service. After forty years in public education as a teacher and administrator John decided to contribute his expertise to our school district. I enthusiastically endorse his re-election.

Picture of Mary Stanton

Mary Stanton

Member, Board of Education

Long Beach Unified School District

John brings his professionalism and integrity to school board deliberations. His leadership is guided only by his commitment to improving student education. I support John’s decision to seek a second term on our School Board!

Picture of Dr. Felton Williams

Dr. Felton Williams

Member, Board of Education

Long Beach Unified School District

John’s commitment to students and teachers guides all his work. He reaches across our diverse neighborhoods to ensure that everyone has a voice in School Board decisions. I fully support John’s re-election!

City of Long Beach Leaders

Picture of Bob Foster

Bob Foster


City of Long Beach

The Architecture, Construction and Engineering Academy (ACE) that I proposed to the school district is a great success! I thank Board President John McGinnis and Superintendent Chris Steinhauser for their commitment to this program. I applaud John’s dedication to all students and his collaborative work with our entire community. I endorse John for a second term on the School Board.

Picture of Dr. Beverly O’Neill

Dr. Beverly O’Neill

Former Mayor and Former College President

City of Long Beach and Long Beach City College

John McGinnis has won the respect of Superintendent Chris Steinhauser and all his colleagues on the School Board. He also works effectively with diverse leaders across our community. For these reasons, John earns my respect and my endorsement for a second term on the School Board.

Picture of Robert Garcia

Robert Garcia

Vice Mayor & City Council Member, 1st District

City of Long Beach

As Vice Mayor and City Council Member, I’ve found John to be a collaborative partner on issues that benefit our neighborhoods. He’s won admiration from all segments of our community. He serves with distinction on our School Board. John’s good work earns my endorsement.

Picture of Suja Lowenthal

Suja Lowenthal

City Council Member, 2nd District

City of Long Beach

I once held the School Board seat John now holds. That’s why I admire his knowledge of complex education funding and his passion for student learning. And that’s why I strongly endorse John McGinnis for re-election!

Picture of Doug Haubert

Doug Haubert

City Prosecutor

City of Long Beach

Regional Elected Leaders

Picture of Alan Lowenthal

Alan Lowenthal

Congressman, 47th District

United States House of Representatives

I’ve known John since his days as dean of the library at Cerritos College through his service on the Long Beach school board. His work in both positions has been positive. He’s run a positive campaign and I look forward to working with him for another four years!

Picture of Bonnie Lowenthal

Bonnie Lowenthal

Assembly Member, 70th District

California State Assembly

Picture of Don Knabe

Don Knabe

Supervisor, Fourth District

County of Los Angeles

Picture of Dr. Thomas J. Clark

Dr. Thomas J. Clark

Vice President, Board of Trustees and Former Mayor, City of Long Beach

Long Beach City College

Picture of Larry Forester

Larry Forester

City Council Member and Former Mayor

City of Signal Hill

Former Education Colleagues

Picture of Charles Tilghman

Charles Tilghman

Dean of Fine Arts (Retired)

Cerritos Community College

Picture of Dr. Adolph Johnson

Dr. Adolph Johnson

Dean of Academic Affairs (Retired)

Cerritos Community College

Picture of Mark Wallace

Mark Wallace

Director of Public Affairs and Governmental Relations (Retired)

Cerritos Community College